Wraparound Sunglasses

Super-Sleek Style, Offering All Around Protection

Wraparound sunglasses are multi-purpose, super stylish accessories that will compliment any wardrobe, anywhere. Whether you're playing sports, shopping or relaxing on the beach, this sunglass style will offer endless benefits for your health and image. Wraparound sunglasses are probably the single most functional type of sunglasses currently on the market.

What makes this style so popular?

Perhaps its the unique combination of style and protection. Most sunglass models are either designed for fashion purposes or for function purposes. Wraparound sunglasses effectively address both issues, leaving you with protected vision and a knock-out image.

What makes wraparound styles so effective?

Wraparound sunglasses, unlike most other types of stylish sunglasses, offer all-around protection. The frames of these sunglasses extend all the way towards the most outer part of the eye, offering protected peripheral vision as well.

In addition to their full protection, the arms of wraparound sunglasses are generally thicker than most other models. This is to support the wide, thick lenses. As a result, wraparound sunglasses last longer than any other type of sunglass on the market.

Which manufacturers offer the most stylish wraparound models?


Gucci offers a wide range of wraparound sunglass models with feminine designs and super cute detailing. One of their must-have wraparound models is their 1824/S model (shown below).


Roberto Cavalli

This designer is known for his cutting edge sunglass models. His wraparound models are strong and sexy and are perfect for any outfit. The must-have Roberto Cavalli wraparound model is Nausicaa 167S (shown below).


Dolce & Gabbana

The Dolce & Gabbana label is one of the most loved fashion brands in the industry. Their wraparound models are no exception to the stylish and fascinating models they create. Their must-have model is 806/S (shown below).


There are a number of wraparound models that are designed specifically for sports. Oakley, Bolle and Ray Ban are great manufacturers when it comes to wraparound sunglasses for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

The cost of wraparound sunglass models will vary according to each manufacturer. If you're looking for more expensive models try Prada or Christian Dior; but if you're looking for less expensive styles try Foster Grant or Ryders.

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