Celebrity Sunglasses

The Cost of Looking Beautiful

Celebrities are the defining element associated with today's hottest styles. Millions of magazines are sold everyday because of the interest we show in celebrity fashion. From awards shows to entertainment shows, it's impossible to change the channel or flip a page of a magazine without seeing the face of a famous celebrity. The number one reason why sunglasses have become so popular over the past few years is because of the impact celebrities have on the public.

Sunglasses are not only used for fashion purposes or to enhance the appearance of a celebrity as they walk down Rodeo Drive. They are also used as a defense mechanism against the paparazzi who are often over-bearing and intrusive when it comes to the lives of celebrities. Although sunglasses may be used to alter or hide the identity of famous faces, there's no doubt that celebrities take their time choosing their sunglass styles.

A number of designer labels market their products specifically towards celebrities. Why? Because celebrities will spend more money than most people make in a year, on a single pair of sunglasses. Celebrities also feel the need to own things that the average individual cannot afford to have. That's why famous faces like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey can justify paying over $40,000 for one pair of sunglasses; to be unique. Whether its diamonds, gold, platinum or silver, celebrities will pay a fortune to look like they belong in Hollywood.

So who are some of the hottest superstars sporting designer sunglasses? Ashley Olsen, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie (shown below) are just a few of the celebrities who have defined their personal styles through their sunglasses. These Hollywood big shots have contributed significantly to the popularity of oversized sunglasses, aviator sunglasses and really, sunglasses in general.

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I guess the only question left is whether or not one pair of sunglasses is worth thousands of dollars. The answer lies within you. If you have enough extra cash lying around to justify spending that much, then go for it. Luckily, for those of us who can't afford it, there are thousands of brand name labels selling luxurious sunglasses for reasonable prices.

Celebrities are a part of an industry where designer clothing and accessories are an indication of personal success. The entertainment business is a competitive industry where individuals are often judged by the way they look more than anything else. Choosing designer labels like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada can not only help you look good, they can be your ticket to success in Hollywood.

Its a proven fact that individuals who are comfortable with the way they look achieve higher levels of success than those who are not. Is thousands of dollars for one pair of sunglasses a price you're willing to pay?

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