Aviator Sunglasses

The Most Popular Sunglass Style of the 20thCentury

The very first pair of aviator sunglasses was designed in 1936 and released by Ray Ban in 1937. They were designed specifically for pilots who generally needed high quality, anti-glare sunglasses. Originally, the design was primarily for protection against the glare from the sun while flying, but this sunglass style quickly became popular with average individuals and millions of consumers.

The 70s brought a whirlwind of popularity to the aviator sunglass market. Hit television shows featuring these trendy sunglasses (like Happy Days) were just some of the reasons why the aviator style picked up so quickly. During the first part of the 80s aviator sunglasses were still popular but were not as popular as the previous decade. It wasn't until the movie Top Gun was released in 1986 featuring Tom Cruise that the popularity of aviator sunglasses began to rise again. It was at this time that the aviator style of sunglasses became the most popular design in the fashion industry.

Since then, aviator sunglasses have continued their rise in popularity and are currently at the highest point of popularity in the history of aviator sunglasses. Thousands of sunglass companies have created their own aviator designs in a wide variety of shapes and colors. This world famous sunglass style is currently the number one style of sunglasses among celebrities.

Celebrity Supporters

Some of today's hottest celebrities have been seen sporting the sleek design of aviator sunglasses.

The always stylish Victoria Beckham and her undeniably hot husband, David Beckham (shown below) are avid supporters of aviator sunglasses and have been seen modeling this style on a number of occasions.

Fashion icon, Jessica Simpson (shown below) also enjoys the sporty-casual look of aviator sunglasses which are known to compliment her sultry style.

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