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Tom Cruise's Frames from Risky Business

Ray Ban was founded in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb, on commission of the US Air Force. A year before the actual launching of Ray Ban, designers had created the Aviator sunglass style, one of the most imitated models on today's market. In 1953, Ray Ban successfully developed the best selling styles in the history of sunglass design - the Wayfarer. These two models defined the innovative and creative abilities of Ray Ban creators who have achieved continuous success since their launch in 1937. In 1999, Bausch and Lomb sold their brand to the Luxottica Group.

For over half a century, Ray Ban has been considered one of the most popular designer sunglass labels in the fashion industry. Their trendsetting styles have been featured in more movies and television shows than any other designer label on the market. Ray Bans strong, distinctive designs have prominently made their way onto the Hollywood scene and are the top choice for some of today's most successful celebrities. The firm has successfully established a reputation of incredibly designed sunglasses featuring optimum protection and an unparalleled sense of style.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

Ray Ban is continuously unleashing new and innovative models to satisfy the demands of consumers. Their creative approach to sunglass design has resulted in some of the most extraordinary designs available. From wide rimmed to rimless models and aviators to wayfarers, Ray Ban has successfully created a versatile product line to suit the needs of all types of individuals. Some of the must-have models in their collection include their Aviator 3029 model as well as their 3211 model.

Average Costs

Considering the celebrity status Ray Ban sunglasses have obtained over the years, their sunglasses are still relatively affordable. Optimum protection and definitive style for under $150. You too can get the look of the celebrities with designer eyewear from Ray Ban.

Celebrity Sightings

Penelope Cruz

Ray Ban sunglasses have been featured on the big screen more than any other designer sunglass brand in the history of sunglasses. From the mid 1900's to the hit box office movies of 2006, Ray Ban sunglasses have continued to develop with ever-changing celebrity styles. Some of the movies featuring Ray Ban designer frames include Daredevil, Risky Business, The Blues Brothers, Reservoir Dogs, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Men in Black and Sahara.

Since the day of their launch in 1937, Ray Ban sunglasses have graced the faces of some of today's hottest superstars. Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz choose Ray Ban's original styles as well as Tom Cruise and Alyssa Milano.

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