Louis Vuitton Sunglasses

A Favorite of the Stars

Louis Vuitton is one of the world's most prestigious luxury goods manufacturers in the world. The company was originally founded by Louis Vuitton and has been passed down through 3 generations of the Vuitton family. After his death in 1892, Louis' son George took over the company. After countless years of success, George died in 1936 and passed the company on to his son Gaston-Louis. The company continued to soar to great heights, even after Gaston-Louis' death in 1969.

In 1987, Louis Vuitton merged with another highly established luxury goods company, Moet Hennessey to form LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey). In 1998, LVMH entered the world of haute couture fashion with the designs of Marc Jacobs. Currently, LVMH is owned by President Yves Carcelle who continues to create finely crafted luggage, clothing, handbags, shoes, perfume and sunglasses.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

Louis Vuitton's sunglass line features a wide variety of aviator style sunglasses as well as oversized styles - the celebrity favorite. Bold designs and daring detailing distinguish Louis Vuitton styles from other designers. The super hot millionaire, model goes for $1,000 online.

The first line of limited edition sunglasses - a collaboration between Louis Vuitton under Marc Jacobs, rapper Pharrell Williams and designer friend Nigo of A Bathing Ape was launched in 2005 and were an instant hit. Inspired by the movie Scarface, shoppers were interested in the designs from a mere mention and were seeking information regarding the release for months prior to the date. The overwhelming success of this first line led LV to launch a permanent on-going collection of sunglasses later that year. Currently, Louis Vuitton has designed a number of ultra-stylish specs to suit the needs of demanding consumers.

Average Costs

Louis Vuitton sunglasses typically cost between $400 and $800. Most models are reserved before they even hit the shelf, but once they do, be sure to snatch them up quickly they are coveted.

Celebrity Sightings

Jessica Simpson

We all know Jessica Simpson's infatuation with Louis Vuitton handbags and her infatuation with his sunglasses is no different. Jessica is one of the first celebrities notified when a line (or model) is released - talk about star power! Other celebrities like Uma Thurman and Denise Richards are also known to sport Louis' amazing frames, along with co-creator of the initial line, Pharrell Williams.

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