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Original Creator of The Matrix Sunglasses

Blinde Design, a well known designer sunglass company has seen an insurmountable amount of success since 1999. What was so significant about this year? The year 1999 was the year the first The Matrix was released. The year before, in 1998, world renowned athlete and sunglass designer Richard Walker was asked to create the sunglasses for the lead characters in The Matrix.

One of the most talked about subjects associated with the release of The Matrix was the stylish sunglasses the cast sported throughout the movie. As soon as Keanu Reeves was seen in the titanium specs he wore in the movie, fashion designers everywhere began producing similar designs of their own.

When information was confirmed that Blinde was the original creator of the sunglasses used in the film, Matrix fans would stop at no lengths to purchase these items. A revolution in themselves, Matrix style sunglasses are symbols of power and superiority and have become a legendary fashion statement created by Blinde.

Newest Lines & Must-Have Models

The Matrix line remains Blinde's most popular sunglass line. This timeless style is made of titanium and provides 100 percent UVA and UVB protection. They are designed for optimum durability and protection without sacrificing the stylish features. Some of their newest designs include My Oscar Square Sunglasses for $280 and Speed McQueen Sunglasses for $240 online. Most of their new line features oversized sunglass styles in a variety of eccentric shapes. Each design incorporates super wide rims for added character.

Average Costs

The average cost of Blinde sunglasses can range from $60 to over $200, depending on the style. Because this sunglass brand has been featured in a number of movies, the status of these sunglasses has risen, and as a result, so have their prices.

Celebrity Sightings

Keanu Reeves

Celebrity hottie Keanu Reeves set the stage for many celebrities sporting Blinde sunglasses. After the initial impact Keanu left on The Matrix fans, numerous celebrities began purchasing these distinctive specs. In addition to their appearance in the Matrix, Blinde sunglasses were also designed for the lead characters of Charlie's Angels (Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz) and for Lara Croft's character in Tomb Raider (played by Angelina Jolie). It's no surprise that these sunglasses continue to be a symbol of high-status celebrity apparel.

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